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Revexia FULL-Spectrum Hemp Pet Products.

Hemp oil supplements add a sense of relief to ours and our pets daily wellness regimen. Our hemp extract pet products should leave your pet feeling calm, healthy, and comfortable. The Revexia Pet Blend whole plant extracted hemp oil contains naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids, certified Colorado hemp, cod liver oil, and cold-pressed organic and virgin hemp seed oil.

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Revexia Pet Blend Tincture

Revexia Pet Blend Tincture utilizes premium hemp extract in a perfectly formulated tincture, designed to be both healthy and tasty for your pet. Packed with healthy components and added terpenes, our tinctures are easy to consume and easy to dose. Available in 2 oz. (60ml) bottle. 10 mg CBD per ml.

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Revexia Pet Treats

Revexia Pet Treats are specially formulated with tasty ingredients and premium hemp extract. Designed with intention in mind, all ingredients prove non-GMO, all natural, and gluten free, and include ground peas, ground chickpeas, sweet potato, tapioca, salmon oil, ascorbic acid, and garlic powder; all ingredients animals enjoy and are beneficial for their health. Available in a 1.5 oz. pouch with 15 treats in each.

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Revexia Pet Balm

Revexia Pet Balm is formulated to use on your pet’s paws and any irritated spots on their body. Similarly, skin irritations have potential to heal with the use of this balm. Our  formula brings together plant-based healing into a well-rounded balm. Packed with organic essential oils and hemp extract, this balm provides healing through all channels. Available in a 1 oz. (30ml) tin.

Benefits of Revexia Pet Hemp

Revexia’s full-spectrum hemp oil provides countless benefits for your anxious or aging pet. There are a wide variety of ailments that your pet can find relief from through CBD relief.

Anxiety & Stress

Arthritis & Joint Pain

Moderate to Severe Pain

Epileptic Seizures

Chronic Inflamation

Digestion Problems

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