“JuanaShot is just what you think it is.  …A great tasting, HIGH IMPACT addition to the Revexia Product Family.”

New Product Alert

Revexia has been working hard on our newest product launch called the JuanaShot. 

The JuanaShot is a one ounce bottle containing 50 milligrams of CBD in each bottle, with four servings. This sweet little drink can be consumed directly or mixed into your favorite drink. 

Eager to deliver the public a quick and safe CBD product, the JuanaShot was created as a quick delivery system of CBD relief whilst proving to be tasteful and subtle. Because this product is a drink, it is absorbed sublingually, or through the glands in your mouth. As the fastest cannabinoid delivery method, JuanaShot is meant for fast-acting relief.

And of course, the JuanaShot will always come with a Certification of Analysis (COA), so you can always rest assured you understand exactly what is going into your body.