CBD Benefits For Pets

CBD Benefits For Pets

“Continuing with this trend, more and more pet owners are exploring the
world of CBD, a plant-based relief for their pets.”

How Can CBD Benefit Your Pet?

It is difficult to watch your pet go through any sort of pain, especially because communication
between pet and owner is typically conveyed through belly rubs and bedtime snuggles. Knowing
exactly what to give your pet so they lead their healthiest, happiest life is really up to the owner
to know their pet’s behaviors and interpret what they mean. As more pet parents have gone
through traditional medicines and found little to worsening results, there has been a growing
demand in the CBD industry to have a product tailored to our four-legged loved ones.

Is CBD Right for My Pet?

Always wanting the best for our furry children, there has been a growing demand for organic,
pesticide-free products. Continuing with this trend, more and more pet owners are exploring the
world of CBD, a plant-based relief for their pets. A study completed by Frontiers in Veterinary
Science has shown that CBD is anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anti-hyperalgesia and
antinociceptive, leading smoothly to aches and pains of aging animals.
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With so many CBD companies, how do I choose?

Something important for consumers to focus on throughout their CBD search is sourcing. Cutting corners is common in any business, and the CBD world has not escaped this issue. Sourcing organic and pesticide-free product can be daunting, but highly beneficial to the health of your pet. Third-party tests are a smart thing to look for, as well as proper dosages based on the animal’s specific weight. These are key points that prove the company takes its product’s quality seriously, and therefore support an added trusting element.

Similarly, THC (the most common psychoactive cannabinoid) is a controversial cannabinoid found within CBD pet products, as it is highly regulated and still federally illegal. At this time in history, there is simply not enough information to determine how THC will affect pets, and in fact, is highly frowned upon by the veterinarian community due to its unknown nature. Therefore, THC-free is also something to look for as a pet owner. CBD, on the other hand, has no associated risk of overdose nor negative side effects and is much more welcomed within the veterinary community.

Lets Get Started

Pay attention to the quality control boasted by the company. For an extensive list of checkpoints, check out this article published on the News Medical Life Sciences website.

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