CBD Interaction with Autism

CBD Interaction with Autism

CBD and Autism

People who have autism are generally faced with the reality of numerous medications for a plethora of different accompanying issues. Many parents and people who have autism have turned to CBD as a plant-based alternative to the pharmaceuticals they are prescribed. With CBD products being a newer mainstream concept, research is minimal thus far. With an eye towards education, we have explored and compiled all the information we could find surrounding CBD interaction with autism.

As there is no medication that treats or cures autism, similarly CBD doesn’t treat autism itself, but studies show it can help to alleviate the symptoms that accompany this condition.


Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to the range of conditions that affect people through their social skills and communication, and is often characterized by repetitive behaviors and speech and nonverbal communication. This condition is a spectrum disorder, meaning that individuals with ASD can range from mild or moderate symptoms to more severe, requiring constant support.

Areas commonly affected by this condition include gastrointestinal disorders, seizures and sleep disorders. Anxiety, depression and attention deficits are usually present.

People with autism typically have a long list of daily medications, which can cause more problems than they solve. This lends itself to more parents and caregivers turning to CBD for alternative treatment, exploring CBD interaction with autism.

Mental Health

Anxiety and depression are commonalities seen in those diagnosed with autism. Many are put on mood stabilizers to combat these symptoms, which have countless negative side effects.

As of late, cannabis has been claimed as a top contributor for easing anxiety amongst the masses, and recent research has started to back these claims. CB1 receptors have been among the neurological transmitters targeted by anti-anxiety medication, as they play a key role in regulatory systems. Cannabinoids such as CBD function as the direct agonist to these receptors, creating an exciting pathway to aiding in this issue.

A study completed in Israel with children with autism around the age 11 concluded that 47% of these patients had lessened anxiety related symptoms. This is significant because it gives hope to those relying on harsh medications that have previously been their only option.

Another study completed with adults who have anxiety showed just under 80% of patients reported improvement in their anxiety levels after just two months of treatment using this cannabinoid.

Communication is a cornerstone concern for individuals that have autism. Verbal and nonverbal communication is commonly targeted in therapies for autism spectrum disorder. These issues can be directly related to anxiety, therefore affected by the same CB1 receptors that CBD has impact on. In a study completed in Brazil on 18 patients diagnosed with autism, communication was reportedly one of the strongest improvement areas.

Health Problems

People who have autism suffer from numerous health problems associated with this condition. An autism diagnosis is commonly synonymous with gastrointestinal problems, seizures and sleep disorders, among others.

As mentioned in our previous blog, cannabinoids like CBD interact with CB2 receptors to help regulate our body’s homeostasis. CBD interacts with regulatory function of the immune system, which can affect diseases with gastrointestinal symptoms. Studies show that a high CBD intake perpetuates regulation of these functions, decreasing symptoms that accompany gastrointestinal problems.

Seizures are also common in patients with autism. Many studies indicate a positive response from individuals with seizure disorders, with one medication currently on the market derived from cannabis.  Seizures occur due to electrical dissonance in one’s brain. CBD works to decrease the amount of excitatory neurotransmitters released to the brain, which lessons possible risk for a seizure. Understanding this concept, CBD has been worked into the pharmaceutical industry through Epidiolex, the first ever CBD drug approved by the FDA. This was specifically designed to treat people with treatment resistant epilepsy disorders, and the success rates quickly showed substantial reduction in seizures.

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder can be plagued by sleep disorders and dysregulated sleep patterns. Hyperactivity and aggression can stem from these sleep related issues. CBD can help mitigate this through affinity towards the CB1 receptors within our systems help to regulate proper sleep.  In a study conducted in Israel, children with autism were given CBD to treat comorbid symptoms of the condition. Results showed that over 70% of the patients studied had improved sleep habits.

CBD has been touted as a cannabinoid assisting in mental health therapy and specific health issues through anecdotal evidence for a while. The symptoms of autism are directly in line with the commonalities CBD has been claimed to treat. This lends itself to a hypothesis and a hope that alternative treatment for autism spectrum disorder is on the horizon.

Recent research has pointed in the positive direction for those growing wary of the multitude of pharmaceutical drugs associated with an autism diagnosis. As always, consult your doctor regarding CBD interaction with autism before including CBD treatment into your daily regimen when treating symptoms of autism.

CBD Product Preview: JuanaShot

CBD Product Preview: JuanaShot

“JuanaShot is just what you think it is.  …A great tasting, HIGH IMPACT addition to the Revexia Product Family.”

New Product Alert

Revexia has been working hard on our newest product launch called the JuanaShot. 

The JuanaShot is a one ounce bottle containing 50 milligrams of CBD in each bottle, with four servings. This sweet little drink can be consumed directly or mixed into your favorite drink. 

Eager to deliver the public a quick and safe CBD product, the JuanaShot was created as a quick delivery system of CBD relief whilst proving to be tasteful and subtle. Because this product is a drink, it is absorbed sublingually, or through the glands in your mouth. As the fastest cannabinoid delivery method, JuanaShot is meant for fast-acting relief.

And of course, the JuanaShot will always come with a Certification of Analysis (COA), so you can always rest assured you understand exactly what is going into your body. 



Revexia Donates $1 from Every Purchase to Plant a Tree

Revexia Donates $1 from Every Purchase to Plant a Tree

Shop and Make a Difference

We are in high spirits as we proudly announce that we have partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that truly aligns with our core values.

Our hope is to inspire our customers to be environmentally conscious by implementing a process that provides our shoppers with an opportunity to transform their purchase into charitable action with no additional cost. At Revexia the common thread that ties us together is simple, it’s about humanity and the world around us. The relationships we build with our customers and communities define us who we are as a business.

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A Common Thread

At Revexia the common thread that ties us together is simple, it’s about humanity and the world around us. The relationships we build with our customers and communities define us who we are as a business.

For us, giving back represents a way of life that brings awareness to the fact that everything is changing. And we practice what we preach. We seek to take action at a local, national and international level. As much as we love our ethically sourced CBD products and our business, we’re even more passionate about the earth, the people, and our communities that are always at the heart of what we do, driving our vision and inspiring us to do more.

We believe in going above and beyond, in giving our all to incorporate sustainability principles into everything we do. Our commitment lies in promoting the importance of the changing environment and striving to address these complex challenges. It is the seed of change.

Plant the Seed of Change

With each purchase made, a percentage will go to a mission we care for profoundly. By shopping with us, not only are you supporting ethically sourced products, but you are also sustaining a mission beyond the CBD industry.

With our wonderful world changing so rapidly, there is no end to our curiosity and the things we can do to create a lasting and meaningful impact.

Together, our voices are louder, our actions more significant and our impact greater.

We will donate $1 of every purchase for a tree to be planted in areas of need whenever you shop with us online or at our local CBD store based in Loveland, Colorado.

Together we are determined to create a cleaner, healthier, fairer world for everyone, for today and generations to come. There is no end to the world of change, just an exciting beginning. And with your shopping cart, you now hold the opportunity to plant a new life.

Lets Get Going

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CBD Benefits For Pets

CBD Benefits For Pets

“Continuing with this trend, more and more pet owners are exploring the
world of CBD, a plant-based relief for their pets.”

How Can CBD Benefit Your Pet?

It is difficult to watch your pet go through any sort of pain, especially because communication
between pet and owner is typically conveyed through belly rubs and bedtime snuggles. Knowing
exactly what to give your pet so they lead their healthiest, happiest life is really up to the owner
to know their pet’s behaviors and interpret what they mean. As more pet parents have gone
through traditional medicines and found little to worsening results, there has been a growing
demand in the CBD industry to have a product tailored to our four-legged loved ones.

Is CBD Right for My Pet?

Always wanting the best for our furry children, there has been a growing demand for organic,
pesticide-free products. Continuing with this trend, more and more pet owners are exploring the
world of CBD, a plant-based relief for their pets. A study completed by Frontiers in Veterinary
Science has shown that CBD is anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anti-hyperalgesia and
antinociceptive, leading smoothly to aches and pains of aging animals.
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With so many CBD companies, how do I choose?

Something important for consumers to focus on throughout their CBD search is sourcing. Cutting corners is common in any business, and the CBD world has not escaped this issue. Sourcing organic and pesticide-free product can be daunting, but highly beneficial to the health of your pet. Third-party tests are a smart thing to look for, as well as proper dosages based on the animal’s specific weight. These are key points that prove the company takes its product’s quality seriously, and therefore support an added trusting element.

Similarly, THC (the most common psychoactive cannabinoid) is a controversial cannabinoid found within CBD pet products, as it is highly regulated and still federally illegal. At this time in history, there is simply not enough information to determine how THC will affect pets, and in fact, is highly frowned upon by the veterinarian community due to its unknown nature. Therefore, THC-free is also something to look for as a pet owner. CBD, on the other hand, has no associated risk of overdose nor negative side effects and is much more welcomed within the veterinary community.

Lets Get Started

Pay attention to the quality control boasted by the company. For an extensive list of checkpoints, check out this article published on the News Medical Life Sciences website.

Restorative Botanicals 4 Paws Pet Blend CBD is third party tested, and made from a top quality Colorado CBD Company.

Revexia New CBD Store Opening

Revexia New CBD Store Opening

“What could be more perfect for a cold December day? We figured we would celebrate the holiday season early, by bringing you a new CBD store!”

We’re thrilled to announce the official opening of the New Revexia CBD Store at Loveland, Colorado!

More Than Just CBD Products

Revexia is more than a CBD product offering. We are a brand committed to building a positive impact by going above and beyond to help our customers and communities to incorporate balance, calmness, and wellness into their lives.
We have created a setting where you can come browse our range of CBD products, openly ask questions and get the best knowledge available surrounding CBD. Embarking on a mission with an intent to extend our online shop, Revexia is driven to serve the local community and present a walk-in store to further evolve our network and partnerships.

Friendly Service, Great Prices, & A FREE GIFT!

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Whilst our products will no doubt speak for themselves, we are eager to serve you with knowledge and passion.
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