What is Smokable Hemp CBD Flower?

What is Smokable Hemp CBD Flower?

What is Hemp Flower For?

Bulk hemp flower contains the highest concentrated levels of cannibinoids of all hemp raw material. Hemp flower is also the smokable part of the hemp plant. Buds from the hemp plant are harvested separately, and used to create highly concentrated edibles and CBD vapor products. The smokable hemp flower is also used to create products like hemp cigarettes and hemp cigars. Ingesting and/or smoking full spectrum CBD products like hemp flower produces the highest levels of relaxation, stress, and pain relief.

Who Uses Smokable Hemp Flower?

Smokable hemp flower has a relatively specific group of CBD users. Athletes and individuals looking to maximize their body’s health and wellness may look to other products like CBD isolate, CBD edibles, tinctures or sale products. Smoking hemp flower joints and using smokable hemp flower is really effective at maximizing the pain relief and anti-anxiety benefits. Therefore, smoking hemp flower can be used by individuals who need relief from severe chronic pain, severe headaches, and/or severe anxiety.
Another group of individuals driving the CBD flower demand is tobacco smokers looking for an alternative. Most tobacco smokers are already comfortable with inhaling smoke into their lungs. One reason CBD flower works to transition from tobacco is because the lung and throat hit from smoking is part of the experience. In fact, many of the rituals associated with smoking tobacco are still apart of smoking CBD flower.
Tobacco smokers are excited about the future of CBD cigarettes. Replacing tobacco use with something that is non addictive, and includes the rituals of smoking, with the benefits of full spectrum CBD is a very exciting proposition.

Where to get CBD Cigarettes

CBD Cigarettes and smokable hemp flower are just beginning to hit the public market. There are several brands available online, including Darling Hemp Company. Darling has a wide variety of smokable hemp flavors. The products that smokes well, and Taste great. The other stand out feature of Darling’s products is their packaging. The 7 Pre-Roll package is compact, sturdy, made of recyclable materials, and includes matches.

Bulk Hemp Flower

CBD Exchange is a great resource if you’re looking to keep up with demand, or for bigger quantities of smokable hemp flower. CBD Exchange can source anything from high quality bulk hemp flower and large raw material acquisitions to wholesale quantities of CBD isolate and CBD distillate.

Former NFL Star Athletes are Powerful Advocates for CBD

Former NFL Star Athletes are Powerful Advocates for CBD

NFL Athletes Endorse CBD

It’s safe to say the CBD industry boom is well under way. CBD product sales are having one breakthrough after another, reshaping governing laws and setting new financial standards as the product market marches forward. A frenzy of new brands, products, stores, and publicity have captured everyone’s attention. Endorsements by respected former athletes and celebrities has launched the CBD industry into a full blown modern-day gold rush. However, the most amazing benefit of CBD might end up being the change it creates within the industries CBD products directly effects.

In the sports industry, the accepted use of CBD to reduce inflammation, alleviate chronic pain, reduce muscle spasms, and inhibit bacterial growth could allow athletes to recover quicker, and stay active at peak levels over a longer period of time. The potential for this to revolutionize sports recovery and training has the attention of many former athletes who are speaking out, backing the claims, and have been aware of these benefits for years.

Recent Articles On NFL Players and CBD

In this article by Thomas Mitchell, Former NFL star Reuben Droughns discusses the prevalence of cannabis already in the NFL. Droughns mentions that it was an alternative to opioids many active players use to help with chronic pain.
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Former NFL athlete Nick Mangold joins the CBD movement.
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Superbowl winning TE Rob Grownkowski endorses CBD for pain management and inflamation for recovering athletes.
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