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You deserve to know what you give your body. Learn about CBD and hemp and the amazing health and medical benefits they can provide for you through our educational blog.


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(noun)  the act of incorporating balance, calmness, and wellness into one’s lifestyle; derived from the Greek word “ευεξία” (evexia), meaning “wellness,” combined with the English prefix of “renew,” therefore forming the phrase “renew wellness.”


Not only is our selection of products top-notch, but we are education enthusiasts. We believe you have a right to be informed about what you give your body, so we’ve done the research for you and collected substantiated information for you to have access to. We want you to feel comfortable purchasing our products, so we’ve provided various resources to help you become knowledgeable about the CBD world.

We Make Sure Your CBD Products are from Consistent, Trustworthy Brands.

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We know our stuff when it comes to CBD, and we want to share this knowledge with you. Through our educational blog, we provide you with substantiated CBD information. If you have any questions about CBD, we are the people to come to.

cbd hemp third party tested


All of our products are independently tested by third-party labs and have a Certificate of Analysis. Additionally, each label comes with a QR code which links directly to our third-party test results.

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We sell only the highest quality CBD products. We have done the research and followed strict guidelines in order to bring you the best CBD products available.

cbd hemp quality assurance

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Our blog covers everything including CBD products, CBD education, CBD recopies and more. Check it out to learn all about the great big world of CBD.

Healing Properties of Cannabinoids

Healing Properties of Cannabinoids

With so many illnesses as a concern in the forefront of people’s mind, many are trying to find the best way to help themselves. The healing properties of cannabinoids have been recognized through hearsay for generations, and the research community is now...

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Women in Cannabis

Women in Cannabis

In light of International Women’s Day celebrated this past Sunday, March 8, we at Revexia felt inspired to bring light to the innovative group of women who have fundamentally impacted the cannabis community. This day was brought into a national holiday given the lack...

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CBD Interaction with Autism

CBD Interaction with Autism

CBD and Autism People who have autism are generally faced with the reality of numerous medications for a plethora of different accompanying issues. Many parents and people who have autism have turned to CBD as a plant-based alternative to the pharmaceuticals they are...

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